How to Watch Soul on Ice: Past, Present and Future 2015 Online in The UK

Released: 2015

Rated: TV-14


Updated: 29th Nov, 2021
Genres: Documentary, Sport
Director: Damon Kwame Mason

The cast of Soul on Ice: Past, Present and Future

Sean Brown, Anson Carter, Don Cherry, Trevor Daley

What is Soul on Ice: Past, Present and Future about?

Soul On Ice, Past, Present, and Future is a film that presents and retells the unknown contributions of black athletes in ice hockey. For untold decades, hockey was seen as a homogeneous sport, exciting to watch but played by one kind of player. But people deserve to now know of the exploits of athletes who dared to stand out, and dared to make the sport their own. These Black athletes dared to give their sport soul. The heart of this documentary is Jaden Lindo, a young man chasing after his dream. Since he was young Jaden knew he wanted one thing; to play in the NHL. And so, his whole life up to this point has been training and hard work. We will see the life of a dedicated young man in the most important year of his hockey life. His journey will mirror the journey that many other black athletes have faced to make it to the NHL. Some of today's top NHL stars and former players will take us on a journey through history, through in-depth personal interviews. These will include Wayne Simmonds, Joel Ward, Trevor Daley, Mike Marson, Tony McKegney and five-time NHL Stanley Cup winner Grant Fuhr. For the first time Soul On Ice: Past, Present & Future sheds light on a subject hardly spoken of. The face of hockey is changing and this film shows us it has been in the making for a long time. EVERYTHING HAS A SOUL, AND HOCKEY IS NO DIFFERENT.

Where to watch Soul on Ice: Past, Present and Future

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