How to Watch Strengt hemmelig 2010 Online in The UK

Released: 2010

Rated: N/A


Updated: 21st Jun, 2021
Genres: Documentary, Drama
Director: Benedicte Orvung

The cast of Strengt hemmelig

Inger Helene Andersen, Trygve Andersen, Turid Bendiksen, Nils Borchgrevink

What is Strengt hemmelig about?

The filmmaker discover a dark family secret, and starts interviewing. As the film goes on more and more is revealed about one of the three most important Norwegian Nazis during the Second Wold War. The film tells about his introduction to the Nazi milieu, and when he later becomes the police chief of Oslo, deciding the deportation of Jews, the torture of enemies and the collaboration of the German occupants. The film also tells the story of the assassination of Karl Marthinsen, decided by the Norwegian resistance.

Where to watch Strengt hemmelig