Movies and TV Shows like The Black Torment (1964)

Browse our definitive list of the best movies or TV series most similar to the 1964 movie The Black Torment starring Heather Sears, John Turner, Ann Lynn, Peter Arne.

Updated: 4th Jul, 2022

The Black Torment

5.9 / 10

Released: 1964

A lord returns to his manor with his new wife, to hear rumors that he had already secretly returned and had committed several murders. Has he lost his mind, or is something…

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The Darkroom

5.6 / 10

Released: 2006

A teenage boy befriends an escapee from a mental institution who sees visions of horrible murders being committed.

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The Possessed

7.0 / 10

Released: 1965

A popular writer visits his favorite holiday destination during the off season looking for the woman he is secretly infatuated with, only to find out that she has committed suicide, but did…

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The Bat

6.1 / 10

Released: 1959

Mystery writer Cornelia Van Gorder has rented a country house called "The Oaks", which not long ago had been the scene of some murders committed by a strange and violent criminal known…

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Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley

4.1 / 10

Released: 2013

Serial killer Wayne Montgomery committed 41 murders between 1979 and 2007, leaving behind an extensive library of his life's work. Now, a new generation carries on Wayne's legacy in a terrifying world…

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The Black Water Vampire

4.2 / 10

Released: 2014

A documentary film crew investigates a series of brutal killings known as the Black Water murders. As they delve deeper into the story they stumble upon a horrifying secret, one that they…

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The Scarlet Claw

7.2 / 10

Released: 1944

While attending a conference in Quebec City, Sherlock Holmes and his good friend, Dr. Watson, are drawn into a murder investigation in the nearby village of La Mort Rouge. Holmes had received…

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The Witchmaker

5.3 / 10

Released: 1969

A psychic researcher and his assistants investigate a series of murders of beautiful young women.

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The Red Queen Kills Seven Times

6.6 / 10

Released: 1972

When two sisters inherit their family castle, a string of murders committed by a mysterious dark haired woman in a red cloak decimates their circle of friends. Is the killer their ancestor,…

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God Told Me To

6.3 / 10

Released: 1976

The storyline of this movie involves a series of motiveless murders committed by various New York residents: a sniper shoots people from a water tower; a father murders his entire family; and…

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One Body Too Many

5.4 / 10

Released: 1944

Insurance salesman Albert Tuttle arrives at the Cyrus J. Rutherford estate to sell the millionaire some life insurance. Rutherford is already dead and his heirs have gathered at the mansion to hear…

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