Movies and TV Shows like The Last Outpost (1935)

Browse our definitive list of the best movies or TV series most similar to the 1935 movie The Last Outpost starring Cary Grant, Gertrude Michael, Claude Rains, Margaret Swope.

Updated: 4th Jul, 2022

The Last Outpost

6.1 / 10

Released: 1935

In World War I, British-officer Michael Andrews is captured by a band of Kurdish raiders on the Eastern Front, and is rescued by a man calling himself John Stevenson, although he refuses…

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The Last Post

7.2 / 10

Released: 2017

Aden 1965. This is the story of a British army unit fighting a Yemeni insurgency in the Middle East and the women and children who were there with them.

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The Sea Hawk

7.7 / 10

Released: 1940

Geoffrey Thorpe is an adventurous and dashing pirate, who feels that he should pirate the Spanish ships for the good of England. In one such battle, he overtakes a Spanish ship and…

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Anne of the Indies

6.7 / 10

Released: 1951

LaRochelle, a former pirate captain, is caught by the British. To get his ship back, he works as a spy against other pirates, first of all Blackbeard and Providence. He works on…

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The Polar Bear King

6.1 / 10

Released: 1991

After his father is killed, King Valemon ascends the throne, only to be turned into a polar bear by a bitter witch who wants to be his queen. Valemon must find a…

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The Charge of the Light Brigade

7.1 / 10

Released: 1936

Major Vickers is an officer at the 27th Lancers in India 1856. When the regiment is on maneuver, the barracks are attacked by Surat Khan and his soldiers who massacre British women…

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The Cruise

9.4 / 10

Released: 2021–

How are we going to lift the veiled sheets of the word remember this season? Of course,remember your name,your life, everything that belongs to you, but how will you remember who you…

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The Adventures of Robin Hood

7.9 / 10

Released: 1938

Sir Robin of Locksley, defender of downtrodden Saxons, runs afoul of Norman authority and is forced to turn outlaw. With his band of Merry Men, he robs from the rich, gives to…

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The Great Locomotive Chase

6.9 / 10

Released: 1956

This is based on a true story. During the Civil War, a Union spy, Andrews, is asked to lead a band of Union soldiers into the South so that they could destroy…

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A Yank in Libya

4.6 / 10

Released: 1942

American correspondent Mike Malone uncovers a Nazi plot for an uprising of the Arab tribes in Lybia. Pursued by Sheik David and his men, Mike takes refuge in the suite of Nancy…

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The Talk of the Town

7.5 / 10

Released: 1942

In suburban Lochester, New England, three people end up living together in high school teacher Nora Shelley's rental house. The first is her new tenant, renowned Harvard law professor Michael Lightcap, who…

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