Movies and TV Shows like The Life of Grace (2020)

Browse our definitive list of the best movies or TV series most similar to the 2020 movie The Life of Grace starring Lee Behymer, Janna Garland, Breanna Harvey, Erick Hatter.

Updated: 27th Jun, 2022

The Life of Grace

N/A / 10

Released: 2020

Deciding that her chances are better on the streets, Grace journeys out into the unknown travelling down a long, hard road, discovering the good and the bad of human nature along the…

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The Moaning of Life

8.1 / 10

Released: 2013–

Karl is faced with the different aspects of life by travelling around the world and discovering how different people face life's challenges.

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American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs

7.6 / 10

Released: 2013

Grace Lee Boggs is an activist and philosopher in Detroit who has dedicated her life to the next American Revolution and the possibility of a better, more just future for all of…

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The First Half of My Life

7.1 / 10

Released: 2017–

Lives of a successful businessman and a divorced housewife intersect and encounter new opportunities.

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The Double Life of Véronique

7.8 / 10

Released: 1991

Weronika lives in Poland. Véronique lives in Paris. They don't know each other. Weronika gets a place in a music school, works hard, but collapses and dies on her first performance. At…

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The Electrical Life of Louis Wain

6.8 / 10

Released: 2021

The true story of eccentric British artist Louis Wain (Benedict Cumberbatch), whose playful, psychedelic pictures transformed the public's perception of cats forever. Set in the early 1900s, we follow Wain as he…

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The Secret Life of Chaos

8.3 / 10

Released: 2010

Chaos theory has a bad name, conjuring up images of unpredictable weather, economic crashes and science gone wrong. But there is a fascinating and hidden side to Chaos, one that scientists are…

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Manila in the Claws of Light

7.8 / 10

Released: 1975

Julio Madiaga, a simple fisherman from the province, travels to Manila to find Ligaya, the woman he loves, after she went away with a mysterious woman promising a better future in the…

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The Legend of the Condor Heroes

8.5 / 10

Released: 1983–

This is the first chapter of Jin Yong (Louis Cha)'s famous trilogy which also includes "Return of the Condor Heroes" (Shen Diao Xia Lu) and "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre" (Yi Tian…

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The Life of Moliere

5.9 / 10

Released: 1910

We first see Moliere at work in his father's shop, when a boy. All the employees are busy at their appointed tasks, except the youthful playwright, who snatches time to re-read one…

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The Athlete

6.7 / 10

Released: 2009

Running the streets of Rome in 1960, an unknown, barefooted Ethiopian man stunned the world by winning Olympic gold in the marathon. Overnight, Abebe Bikila became a sports legend. A hero in…

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