How to Watch The Truth Is Out There 2011 Online in The UK

Released: 2011

Rated: PG


Updated: 12th Apr, 2021
Genres: Biography, Comedy, Documentary, Mystery
Director: Phil Leirness

The cast of The Truth Is Out There

Dean Haglund, Jeff Amaral, Mark Bennett, Doug Bilitch

What is The Truth Is Out There about?

Dean Haglund is an actor, an improv comic, an artist and an inventor. Best known by millions of fans the world over for playing one of the computer-hacking Lone Gunmen on 'The X-Files' and their own spin-off series, Dean has become closely identified with the realm of the paranormal and the world of conspiracy. He has even found himself at the center of a conspiracy theory surrounding the events of 9/11. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE follows Dean Haglund as he travels the globe hoping to discover just what it means to search for the truth in a world where conspiracy, or conspiracy theories, are everywhere.

Where to watch The Truth Is Out There