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Released: 24th Nov, 1958

Updated: 8th Aug, 2022

9.0 / 10

Where to watch The Twilight Zone

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The Time Element (Pilot) from Desilu Playhouse

A man (William Bendix) visits a psychoanalyst, complaining about a recurring dream in which he imagines waking up in Honolulu just prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Rod Serling wrote a teleplay intending for it to be the pilot episode of a new series called The Twilight Zone. Although it ended up airing on a different show, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse S01E06, it is still considered the pilot episode of The Twilight Zone.

Mon, 24 Nov 1958

Submitted For Your Approval

Imagine if you will, a young boy with a monstrous imagination. A lad whose fascination with sci-fi magazines and high school drama kindled a spark that would ignite into one of the brightest creative minds of this century. A young boy by the name of Rod Serling. Embark on a fascinating tour of the life of Rod Serling in this "American Masters" special. Learn the fascinating story of how television's most esteemed and popular writer outwitted stifling sponsor censorship by creating a series devoted entirely to fantasy stories--"The Twilight Zone." While censors looked elsewhere, Serling skillfully wrote "fanciful" tales that dealt with controversial issues of the day. Extensive interviews with key figures such as John Frankenheimer, Jack Klugman, Kim Hunter and Buck Houghton provide a detailed portrait of the man whose innovative work changed the course of television history.

Wed, 29 Nov 1995

Rod Serling's Lost Classics

This tv movie features two stories by Rod Serling, who also wrote the stories of the original "Twilight Zone" (1959) series. "The Theater": A young girl goes to the cinema to see His Girl Friday (1940) with Cary Grant. Suddenly she sees scenes from her own life instead of the comedy. The scenes actually took place earlier that day. She is very confused because the other people didn't see those scenes. As she goes to see the movie again, scenes from her future appear on the screen. And that future is very frightening... "Where the Dead Are": Dr. Benjamin Ramsey is professor at the university in Boston in 1868. In front of his students he performes an appendix operation. As the patient O'Neil dies after the operation, Dr. Ramsey discovers that O'Neil suffered from a serious scull fracture twelve years ago. Since no one could have survived such an injury, he travels to the mysterious island where O'Neil came from. There he visits Dr. Jeremy Wheaton who earlier had experimented with tissue regeneration...

Thu, 19 May 1994

Twilight Zone: The Movie

Four directors collaborated to remake four episodes of the popular television series 'The Twilight Zone' for this movie. The episodes are updated slightly and in color (the television show was in black-and-white), but very true to the originals, where eerie and disturbing situations gradually spin out of control.

Fri, 24 Jun 1983

Rod Serling Beyond The Twilight Zone

Tue, 25 Jan 2000

The Mike Wallace Interview

Tue, 22 Sep 1959

Patterns (Kraft Theatre)

Wed, 12 Jan 1955


Fri, 26 Oct 1956

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