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Season 2

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  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Thriller

Released: 21st Jun, 2015

Updated: 8th Aug, 2022

9.0 / 10

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Episode 1

The Western Book of the Dead

The disappearance of city manager Ben Caspere in Vinci, California, throws a spanner in the works of a lucrative land scheme while simultaneously sparking a police investigation.

57 mins  ·  Sun, 21 Jun 2015

Episode 2

Night Finds You

Ray and Ani investigate Caspere's corrupt background; Frank investigates the same murder from a different angle; Paul tries to get deeper into the Vinci police department.

56 mins  ·  Sun, 28 Jun 2015

Episode 3

Maybe Tomorrow

Repercussions extend from Caspere's murder all the way up to the Mayor's office, affecting Frank on the way. Ray and Ani experience a close call.

56 mins  ·  Sun, 5 Jul 2015

Episode 4

Down Will Come

Frank starts to rebuild his business, recovering the money he gave to Caspere by reactivating connections to Vinci's drug scene; Ray, Ani, and Paul face a tough struggle against corruption.

53 mins  ·  Sun, 12 Jul 2015

Episode 5

Other Lives

Ray and Frank consider the alternatives; while on the trail of a lead, Ani and Paul head up the coast.

57 mins  ·  Sun, 19 Jul 2015

Episode 6

Church in Ruins

Desperate to locate a missing woman, Frank arranges a meeting with Mexican drug dealers; Ray, Ani and Paul close in on the killer but have a hard time keeping their own problems under control.

57 mins  ·  Sun, 26 Jul 2015

Episode 7

Black Maps and Motel Rooms

The consequences of Frank's betrayal catch up with him; getting closer to the truth, Ray, Ani, and Paul must take precautions to avoid detection.

1 h 1 mins  ·  Sun, 2 Aug 2015

Episode 8

Omega Station

Caspere's killer is revealed, as is the scope of the corruption associated with his murder. Frank, Ray and Ani consider their next moves.

1 h 23 mins  ·  Sun, 9 Aug 2015