How to Watch UKE: The Untold Story of Hockey Legends 2020 Online in The UK

Released: 2020

Rated: N/A


Updated: 16th May, 2022
Genres: Documentary, History, Sport
Director: Volodymyr Mula

The cast of UKE: The Untold Story of Hockey Legends

Johnny Bucyk, Jeff Chychrun, Ken Daneyko

What is UKE: The Untold Story of Hockey Legends about?

The authors showcase unique information that disproves previously held stereotypes. It turns out that the roots of Ukrainian hockey go back over a century. Ukrainian hockey players from immigrant families gained world fame while playing for teams in their new homeland. Meanwhile, they continued to maintain their language and culture. Statistics presented by the authors are absolutely astounding: throughout the 100-year existence of the NHL, more than fifty Ukrainians became champions of the League. This is the largest number of champions representing a non-North American nationality. Even the best hockey player of all times, Wayne Gretzky, is of Ukrainian descent. His grandparents lived in Ternopil and Beresteysk regions with the surname Gretskyy.

Where to watch UKE: The Untold Story of Hockey Legends

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