How to Watch Valhalla 1986 Online in The UK

Released: 1986

Rated: N/A


Updated: 7th Jun, 2021
Genres: Adventure, Animation, Family, Fantasy
Director: Peter Madsen, Jeffrey James Varab(co-director)

The cast of Valhalla

Dick Kaysø, Preben Kristensen, Laura Bro, Marie Ingerslev

What is Valhalla about?

In a story based freely on Norse mythology, brother and sister Tjalfe and Røskva are paid a surprise visit by gods Thor and Loke. After the children disobey his orders, Thor takes them along with him to Asgaard, the land of gods. After quarreling with Loke, the children follow their own path, accompanied by strange creature Quark, and their adventure takes them to Odin, king of gods, to a playful forest and to the land of the giants.

Where to watch Valhalla