How to Watch You'll Be a Man 2013 Online in The UK

Released: 2013

Rated: N/A


Updated: 14th Jun, 2021
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Director: Benoît Cohen

The cast of You'll Be a Man

Aurelio Cohen, Jules Sagot, Eléonore Pourriat, Grégoire Monsaingeon

What is You'll Be a Man about?

A fantastic story of a bond between Leo, a ten-year-old overachiever that lacks emotional connection, and Theo, a twenty-year-old underachiever who is sorta just floundering through life. This movie is truly a hidden gem. It may be on Netflix, under the title "You'll Be a Man" . The French cast is phenomenal, especially the young boy who plays the lead. Has soft funny moments. Highly recommended.

Where to watch You'll Be a Man