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Introducing TalkTalk TV

The origins of TalkTalk may not be all that surprising, given their name – the company was originally founded as a provider of phone services, moving into the world of subscription TV as a natural progression. TV’s future was already looking more closely aligned with internet delivery rather than broadcast, and having expanded into broadband, TalkTalk was perfectly positioned to bring IPTV to their customers as well. TalkTalk TV is delivered via the YouView service, a joint venture between TalkTalk and BT (whose phone network is used to deliver the service).

What Is TalkTalk TV?

While most TV providers require you to agree to a long-term contract – with penalties often applying if you have to move house and the service isn’t available at your new address – TalkTalk TV brings you all the top channels and some seriously feature-packed hardware. The service ticks all the boxes for the channels and services that everyone wants on their home TV – a full range of Sky channels including entertainment, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, BT Sport, kids’ channels, on-demand streaming and catch-up services, Netflix and more.

Uniquely, TalkTalk lets you switch premium entertainment options on and off as you need them – there’s no need to pick a plan or a bundle of channel packages. Just get the base TalkTalk service, then add whatever boosts you need – either continuously, or month by month as it suits you. It’s a kind of flexibility that no other TV provider can offer.

What Plans Are Available?

To get the base TalkTalk TV service, you will need to subscribe to a TalkTalk broadband or fibre package. If you’re already a TalkTalk customer, you can simply log in and add TV to your existing package for a few pounds a month. But for those getting set up from scratch, you’ve got a choice between two broadband bundles – regular or fibre (depending on availability in your area) – and a variety of speeds. You’ll get a TalkTalk TV box with full TV recording and the ability to subscribe to multiple streaming services.

Can I Access Netflix Through the TalkTalk TV Box?

As the global leader in original streaming TV content, Netflix is an essential thing to have around for most TV fans – and naturally, the TalkTalk TV boxes support it directly. You can sign in with your existing Netflix account on the box simply by selecting Netflix in the On Demand player on your TalkTalk TV box. And if you’d like to sign up for a new Netflix subscription, you can do so right there in the box’s interface.

Are There TV and Movie Rentals?

Yes, TalkTalk TV has a full range of the latest TV shows and movies available to rent or buy via the online store built into the box. Just browse for what you want to watch and start streaming.

Contacting TalkTalk TV

If you’ve got any questions about your TalkTalk TV service – or want to ask about the options you have for connecting a fresh service – give their customer service team a call on 0345 172 0088, or head to their web site where you can live-chat to a customer service rep every day between 8am and 10pm.

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