Comparison Guide to TalkTalk TV Packages, Popular Bundles and Best Plan Deals

TalkTalk tv and boxes

TalkTalk is the UK’s flexible provider – with great deals that don’t require a long-term contract. TalkTalk understands the value of simplicity and have based their offerings around the UK’s already great freeview system.

TalkTalk has a number of different TV options which they call ‘boosts’, which are basically the different packages according to genre. For sports fans they offer both BT Sport and Sky Sport packages, bringing the best sporting action in the UK to your screens. Their programming is run through the familiar YouView box, which is easy to use and has great functionality. And as their TV is run through their broadband, all TV deals need to be taken with broadband as well.

What does TalkTalk TV offer its customers?

TalkTalk’s television model is based around a ‘freeview premium’ style service, which offers a range of boosts to improve your freeview viewing options. Given that you need to take TV with broadband, bundling is clearly the way to go. This means they’re a one-stop shop for all your household telecommunications needs.

TalkTalk TV Pricing and Bundles

TalkTalk is all about flexibility. This means you can choose your bundle according to what you want – and not pay for anything you don’t. Like something other than what you see? TalkTalk lets you change your deal each month without incurring an additional fee. What boosts are on offer? The boosts are Basic, Kids, TV Select, Entertainment, Sky Cinema, BT Sports, Sky Sports and the Sky Sports and Cinema boost. The YouView box is free, although the YouView+ box – which has additional functionality – will come at a cost of £50.

Bundling with TalkTalk TV

There’s a £25 set-up fee on each deal – and each deal runs for 18 months. The entry-level deal is the Fast Broadband + TV Plus + Entertainment Boost package, which costs £35.95 per month. This comes with 141 channels including freeview – and the YouView box lets you record up to 180 hours of live TV. The ‘Fast Broadband’ runs at a rate of 11 mbps, which is suitable for basic to moderate internet usage. Like your movies? Try the Fast Broadband + TV Plus + Sky Cinema Boost, at £51.95 per month.

The next level up is the Faster Fibre + TV Plus + Entertainment Boost, with a monthly fee of £40 – all the specs for this one are the same, but the internet is significantly faster at 38 mbps. Upgrade the same plan to include Sky movies and pay £51 per month. If you want your internet a little faster – at 67 mbps – go for the Faster Fibre Speed Boost + TV Plus + Sky Cinema Boost, at £53.50 per month.

My TalkTalk App: Take your TV on the Go

TalkTalk App on the go

TalkTalk lets you take their programming on the go through the TalkTalk app, which is available for Apple or Android.

Do they offer free trials?

TalkTalk does not offer a free trial.

How to Contact TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk is available by phone on 0345 172 0088 between 8am and 8pm daily. If you’re not feeling talkative, get them on their live chat function – open from 8am until 10pm every day. If you’re already a customer, their My TalkTalk app lets you handle most of your billing and payments easily.


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