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Introducing Virgin Media

A relatively new company with a famous name and a 13-year history in communications, broadband and TV, Virgin Media is one of the UK’s largest telecommunications providers and a major player in the pay TV market, with Virgin TV boasting the second-largest subscriber count in the industry. As a full-service provider, Virgin Media offers TV packages that provide TV as a stand-alone service, or bundled with phone and broadband services at discounted prices.

What Makes Virgin Media Different?

Because it owns and operates its own communications network in the UK, Virgin Media can deliver a full range of TV and interactive services with confidence in the network that delivers them – important in this era of high definition and 4K streaming. Virgin Media has rolled out high speed fibre optic broadband to many areas, and super-fast DOCSIS 3 cable throughout the existing network. This allows them to offer some extremely attractive full-service bundles that can, at the top end, deliver blindingly fast broadband combined with hundreds of TV channels, all fed into the new, advanced V6 set top box. And for sports fans, there’s a significant advantage to having Virgin TV – it’s the only place you can get Sky Sports and BT Sport in the one package.

What TV Bundles Does Virgin Media Offer?

The best value to be had with Virgin Media’s TV service is via the range of comprehensive bundles, which act as a one-stop solution for your home TV, broadband and phone needs. With a cable network that starts at “superfast” and gets faster from there – and no need to mess around with the installation of a satellite dish – you’ve got a choice of four well-structured bundles which all come with the new V6 set top box.

Player Bundle: Includes 70 channels of general TV alongside dozens of streamed channels and services, 50 Mbps fibre broadband and a home phone.

Mix Bundle: For a little bit extra per month, you get a lot more channels – over 150 of them, including Sky One, Sky Witness, FOX and MTV. The fibre broadband gets a speed boost to 108 Mbps, too.

Full House Bundle: The channel collection goes into overdrive in this bundle with over 230 channels – including BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD, top Sky channels in crisp HD and much more, along with 108 Mbps fibre broadband.

VIP Bundle: The ultimate package, encompassing a mammoth 260 channels. You get Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD, BT Sport 4K and an extra V6 box to help your household handle the demand – and to make sure you’re not short of bandwidth for all the 4K goodness, the fibre broadband speed jumps up to a blistering 362 Mbps.

Does Virgin Media Do TV-Only Packages?

If you just want TV without the broadband, and you’re in a Virgin Media network area, you can grab TV packages that give you either the Mix TV channel pack (over 150 channels including Sky One, Sky Living, FOX and MTV) or the Full House pack (230 channels including BT Sport and top Sky channels in glorious HD). Both of these straightforward plans come with the classic TiVo 500GB set top box, making them a great alternative for those who prefer the classic hardware.

Which Streaming Services are Supported on Virgin TV Boxes?

Both the new V6 box and the older TiVo 500GB box include apps for popular streaming services including Netflix, Vevo and YouTube, along with catch-up apps and universal search to find shows and movies across multiple apps and services instantly.   You can also stream thousands of hours of TV on demand from your Virgin TV box, including box sets of your favourite shows – or rent the latest movies for a blockbuster night in.

Are There Apps to Watch Virgin TV Remotely?

You can view up to 100 live TV channels, depending on your package, with the free Virgin TV Go apps and web site, giving you the ability to take your shows with you when you can’t be at home in front of the TV to watch. And if you’d rather send a command back to your set top box at home to record a show you’d forgotten, the Virgin TV Control app will let you do so from anywhere in the world – as well as streaming recordings and channels from your set top box to your phone or tablet anywhere around your home.

Contacting Virgin Media

If you need to get in touch with Virgin Media for any enquiries about their TV service, broadband and TV bundles, or any questions related to account and technical support, you can give their customer service team a call on 0800 064 3836. You can also live-chat to customer service from the Chat link at the top of every page on the Virgin TV web site.

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