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A relatively new company with a famous name and a 15-year history in communications, broadband and TV, Virgin Media is one of the UK’s largest telecommunications providers and a major player in the pay TV market, with Virgin TV boasting the second-largest subscriber count in the industry. As a full-service provider, Virgin Media offers TV packages that provide TV as a stand-alone service, or bundled with phone and broadband services at discounted prices.

What’s in this Guide?

What is Virgin Media?

Virgin Media a British telecommunication company that was founded in March 2006. They mainly provide services in TV and internet in the UK. Virgin Media owns and operates its own communications network in the UK and was fully acquired by Liberty Global in May 2020.

Virgin Media services are comprised of full broadband, TV, and online streaming services that deliver high definition 4K video content. Supporting their top-tier services, Virgin Media has rolled out high-speed fibre-optic broadband connection to many areas in the UK, allowing fast gigabit internet speeds. Virgin Media uses DOCSIS 3 cable in its internet service system. 

This allows Virgin Media to offer their customers great TV and fast internet access bundles that deliver reliable fast internet that can access hundreds of TV channels, all fed into the new, advanced Virgin TV 360 set-top box.

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Virgin Media TV bundles

Aside from having the best broadband and home phone package, Virgin Media TV has the best value for your money with bundles that acts as a one-stop solution for your home TV, broadband and phone needs. Compare to other providers, Virgin Media comes with a cable network that gives you a superfast internet connection, efficient internet traffic management, and easy installation of its satellite dish.

Each of these bundles will not add extra cost to your monthly fee. Here are four Virgin Media bundles (currently there are 7 fibre broadband and TV bundles) that you can choose from which all come with the new Virgin TV 360 set-top box:

Big Bundle: Includes 100+ channels of general TV alongside dozens of streamed channels and services, 100 Mbps fibre broadband and a home phone with Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers.

Bigger Bundle: For a little bit extra per month, you get a lot more channels – over 190 of them, including Sky TV channels Sky One, Sky Witness, and BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD. The fibre broadband also offers 100 Mbps speed too, plus a home phone.

Big bundle + Drama & Docs: The channel collection goes into overdrive in this bundle with over 145 channels – including free to air and documentary channels such as History, Discovery, Crime & Investigation, and much more, along with 200 Mbps fibre broadband.

Ultimate Volt bundle: The full package, encompassing a mammoth 230+ channels. You get Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD, as well as BT TV‘s BT Sport 4K and an extra Virgin 360 box to help your household handle the demand – and to make sure you’re not short of bandwidth for all the 4K goodness, the fibre broadband speed jumps up to a blistering 1Gbps. You also get an unlimited-data O2 sim card for instant backup in the case of a broadband outage and a standard Netflix plan.

Virgin Media pricing

Virgin Media no longer offers standalone TV packages, which means you’ll need to subscribe for their broadband and TV packages. These bundles already include Virgin Media’s latest set top box, as well as a home phone connection so you have everything you need in one package. You just have to select your required broadband speed and what TV channels or add-on streaming services you want to include in your bundle.

Virgin Media Packages

Bigger Bundle + Sports
  • Virgin TV V6 box included
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Bigger Bundle + Sports
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • Over 260 channels including Sky Sports HD & BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD
  • M100 Fibre with average speeds of 108Mbps
  • $65/mth
12 mths, £110/mth afterward
Min Cost - £815 over 12 mths (incl. £35 setup fee)

Big Bundle
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Big Bundle
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • Over 110 channels plus add Entertainment Picks
  • M100 Fibre with average speeds of 108Mbps
  • $29/mth
for 12 mths, £59/mth afterward
Min Cost - £383 over 12 mths (incl. £35 setup fee)

Ultimate Oomph Bundle
  • 2 Virgin TV V6 boxes included
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Ultimate Oomph Bundle
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • Over 280 channels, including BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD
  • Includes the Kids Pick, Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD
  • $99/mth
for 12 mths, £139/mth afterwards
Min Cost - £1223 over 12 mths (incl. £35 setup fee)

What to watch on Virgin Media?

Subscribing to Virgin Media also brings you access to a variety of TV channels and hundreds of movies you can watch on demand. Virgin Media’s TV offerings cover everything from reality, drama, comedy,
documentaries and more. Even more convenient, your access to entertainment is already bundled with your fibre broadband so you have everything you need in a single plan.

What TV shows can I watch on Virgin Media?

Virgin Media is home to the latest and most entertaining TV shows here and abroad. You can surf through all the channels available in its library or watch your favourite TV series on your mobile phone or any other streaming device.

Some of the latest shows you can watch on Virgin Media right now are Midwich Cuckoos, The Flight Attendant Season 2 and many others. Of course, you can also access shows offered by other streaming services that you can add to your Virgin Media bundle like Prime Video shows The Boys Season 3 and the new drama Conversation with Friends.

What movies can I watch on Virgin Media?

All Virgin Media customers have full access to all the movies available on-demand. You can stream them online on your TV through the Virgin Media Box Set or using its mobile app. Some of movies you can watch on demand are Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Inglourious Basterds, and Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, to name a few. Best of all, you can also watch these films in Ultra HD thanks to the amazing Virgin TV 360.

Does Virgin Media offer movie rentals?

Existing customers and new Virgin Media subscribers can rent movies via the Virgin Media Store. From the latest theatrical releases to complete boxsets of your favourite shows, you can rent or buy these titles for an additional fee. Some new movies you can watch via the Virgin Media Store are The Batman, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Uncharted.

Sports on Virgin Media

Virgin Media not only offers the fastest internet broadband packages equipped with TV and movie streaming, it also offers all the latest sporting events from around the world. You can see the latest NBA Finals, Cricket Competition, Golf US Women’s Open, Motor Racing: MotoGP™ Catalunya Grand Prix, Rugby Union: Premiership Final, Tennis: Wimbledon, and many more.

Virgin TV features and benefits

Virgin Media’s broadband and TV packages are one of the most comprehensive bundles available in the country. You can access dozens of high-definition TV channels that include E4 HD, Discovery Channel HD, National Geographic Channel HD, Film4 HD, UKTV channels like Dave HD and Gold HD. There’s also the option to subscribe to additional streaming services in the UK to widen your entertainment or sports access.

Virgin TV 360

Virgin TV 360

Virgin Media also creates a user-friendly interface for its subscribers, featuring voice search and more control functionality for easier use. As part of the Virgin TV 360 experience, there’s a new remote control specifically designed for Virgin TV and the new box itself creates profiles for everyone to tailor a customised algorithm for each of its users.

Moreover, the Virgin TV 360 features multi-room streaming that lets users stream in different rooms at once. And for a theatre-like experience, it also guarantees a 4K UHD viewing experience to really enjoy your movie.

Which streaming services are supported on Virgin TV boxes?

Both the new Virgin 360 box and the older V6 and TiVo 500GB boxes include apps for popular streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, along with catch-up apps and universal search to find shows and movies across multiple apps and services instantly.  You can also stream thousands of hours of TV on demand from your Virgin TV box, including box sets of your favourite shows – or rent the latest movies for a blockbuster night in.

Are there apps to watch Virgin TV remotely?

You can view up to 100 live TV channels, depending on your package, with the free Virgin TV Go apps and web site, giving you the ability to take your shows with you when you can’t be at home in front of the TV to watch.

If you’d rather send a command back to your set top box at home to record a show you’d forgotten, the Virgin TV Control app will let you do so from anywhere in the world – as well as streaming recordings and channels from your set top box to your phone or tablet anywhere around your home.

Compatible devices

Virgin Media TV is available on iOS (iOS 11 or later), Android (Android 5.1 or later), PCs and Macs (Windows 8.1 and macOS X 10.1), and casting via Chromecast (all versions), Apple TV (4th generation or higher) or AirPlay, Android TV (Sony Android TV, nVIDIA Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box), and Amazon Fire TV Stick (Basic Edition or higher).

Contacting Virgin Media

If you need to get in touch with Virgin Media for any enquiries about their TV service, broadband and TV bundles, or any questions related to account and technical support, you can give their customer service team a call on 0800 064 3836. You can also live-chat to customer service from the Chat link at the top of every page on the Virgin TV website.

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