Introducing YouView from BT

As television has evolved from being a purely over-the-air broadcast medium to one that’s delivered via broadband – both live and on demand – there’s been a need for some kind of unified platform for IP-based TV services to be brought together in a way that’s accessible to consumers. Free to air digital broadcast television had become synonymous with the name coined to unify it – Freeview. So this new platform that added direct broadband channel delivery, combining it with access to existing Freeview channels, got a more personal name – YouView.

What Makes YouView from BT Different?

The YouView platform is based around set top boxes that are connected to both your conventional TV aerial and your broadband internet connection. At the basic level, YouView gives users access to the many digital Freeview channels available via broadcast, alongside the catch-up services from many channels and networks, and paid streaming services such as Netflix. It’s all brought together under a user interface that lets users search for content across different channels and platforms and seamlessly switch between them, or browse the available content using a detailed guide and an easy-to-use interface. There are also mobile YouView apps to let you control the set top boxes from remote locations.

The idea of YouView is for it to be augmented with channels and services from the providers that support it, and YouView from BT is one of the most popular. Available to anyone with a BT broadband connection, the BT TV service is tightly integrated with YouView across the three different set top boxes that customers of the service can choose from.

While YouView is accessible to everyone with a YouView branded device, the additional channels offered by BT bring these YouView boxes into the premium TV realm with access to a wide variety of channels, including one – BT Sport – in full 4K Ultra HD.

What YouView Boxes are Available from BT?

There are three different models of YouView box from BT, each designed to fit a particular niche.

TV Box: This is the basic entry-level device that gives you access to broadcast and streaming channels and apps – but contains no recording hardware. This compact, inexpensive and easy-to-use box does allow you to pause and rewind live TV, but is designed mainly as a unified set top box for live viewing.

Recordable TV Box: Designed and made by highly respected set top box veterans Humax, this more advanced box adds a 500GB hard drive to enable the recording of up to 300 hours of programming, depending on the resolution (in HD it holds about 125 hours). Supporting the recording of two different channels at once – and letting you record internet-streamed channels from your BT TV package as well – it’s a far more capable piece of hardware.

4K Recordable TV Box: 4K Ultra HD is very much where TV is headed, and this top-end YouView box from BT enables full 4K Ultra HD playback on a compatible TV. That means you’ll be able to subscribe to the Ultra HD version of the BT Sport channel, as well as streaming Netflix, AMC, Amazon Prime Video and more in crisp 4K clarity. It’s only available with the Max 4K plan from BT TV.

Can You Buy a YouView from BT Set Top Box Outright?

If you’re just after the YouView features on the latest set top box technology, but would like to have the option of adding BT TV later on, you can buy BT’s YouView set top boxes outright at many UK retailers, including Amazon. To get the most out of the hardware, though, BT TV and YouView is an ideal combination.

Contacting YouView from BT

If you’ve got any questions about the YouView from BT set top boxes, channel and broadband packages available or you need customer support with your device or account, you can get in touch with BT’s friendly team on 0800 800 150 from 8am to 9pm weekdays, 8am-8pm Saturdays and 9am-6pm Sundays, with technical support available on the same number 24 hours a day.

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